Getting Started

A step-by-step guide to sending your first campaign with clearFusionMAIL. Follow the instructions on this page to create, test, send and view reports for a regular campaign.

  1. Setting up a regular campaign

    • Open CLIENTS from the top of your account page, then click the client name you want to create the campaign for
    • Define the campaign and sender details
      Open the client's Create & Send tab and click Get started (or Create a new campaign if this is not your first). Then follow the on-screen instructions to set up a "Regular" campaign, as shown here:

      Getting Started 1

      When you've filled in the campaign details, click NEXT. It's easy to come back later if you need to change anything.

  2. Select the campaign format

    • Gallery
      The gallery is a selection of template designs that you can customize to suit your brand. Selecting a design will open it in Canvas where you can customize the template and layout content at the same time.

      Getting Started 2

      When a campaign is created using one of these designs you'll be prompted to give it a name, which adds it to your saved templates to use again next time.

    • Import
      If you already have a complete HTML email, designed externally and ready to send, you can upload it to your account using one of two options: import it from your computer, or import from the web.

    • Plain text
      Text mail are good for things like transactional emails, non-marketing-related content, or maybe to give your email a more personal feel. However, because they are plain text and no HTML, only basic reporting is available. You'll get bounce rates, but no stats on clicks or opens.

    When the content is ready for your chosen campaign type, click DEFINE RECIPIENTS for the next step.

  3. Choose recipients

    • If you've already added one or more lists for your client, just select the one you want to send to from the Current lists page:

      Getting Started 3

      If there are no lists you'll be prompted to add new subscribers by typing them in or importing a file. You can also add new subscribers on the fly when you do have existing lists. Just click the Import new icon.

    • Adding subscribers like this will automatically create a new list for your client. Under Lists & Subscribers it will be called: LIST IMPORTED FOR . To keep lists organized you can change the list name and type, merge lists, and delete old lists.

    • Click NEXT when you're done.

  4. Review the campaign snapshot

    • To double-check everything you've set up so far, we summarize it for you in a campaign snapshot. If you need to change something just click the the Edit buttons on your right:

      Getting Started 4

      If you selected a template to create your campaign, from the gallery or your saved templates, the snapshot is where you get the opportunity to check the plain text version of the email. It's worthwhile doing this because what looks great as HTML might need adjusting for the text-only format.

    • From the "Content" section, click PREVIEW to check for things like text formatting, and also to make sure the content makes sense without images and embedded links. Then click EDIT if you need to make changes.

    • When you're ready, click TEST AND DEFINE DELIVERY.

  5. Test your campaign

    • A Quick test allows you to send your campaign to five email addresses or less, for free:

      Getting Started 5

    • Click SKIP THE TEST to keep moving or NEXT, after you're done testing.

  6. Send now or schedule for later

    • SEND CAMPAIGN NOW or, select SCHEDULE IT FOR THE FOLLOWING TIME and choose a time and date to send it later. Campaigns can be scheduled to send hours, days or even a few months from now.

      Getting Started 6

    • then click PAY FOR THIS CAMPAIGN

  7. Select a payment option

    • After a payment option is selected, click the SEND CAMPAIGN button. The second your email is sent from our servers, we'll notify you by email.
  8. View campaign reports

    • Your campaign report shows how many people are opening the email and which links have been clicked, as well as keeping record of bounces, unsubscribes and other important activity. Campaign reports are real-time, so refresh your browser window to see the latest stats and figures instantly.

      Getting Started 7


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