Built-In Flexibility &
List Management made Easy

System Features

Social Sharing

Make it easy for subscribers to share your campaigns on Facebook or Twitter and get your campaigns to go viral.

Social Sharing

Template Builder

Easily build your newsletter template within your browser.

Template Builder

Track Your Results

See who opens your campaigns and which links are being clicked.

Analytics and Tracking

Your Own Design

Have your designer design a custom template for your newsletter and import it.

Custom Templates

Integrated with our CMS

Integrated with clearFusionCMS, just install the clearFusion Mail module and add a subscription form where you need it.

TOLRAmail and clearFusionCMS

Easy to Use Editor

Easy to use editor for creating your newsletter all from within your web browser.

Easy to Edit

Custom Fields

Add custom fields easily and have them automatically added to your subscription forms.  If you are using clearFusionCMS or clearFusionSHOP, newsletter subscription forms are automatically generated with all custom fields.

ALSO ....

ISP Feedback Loop

Integrated into the feedback loop of ISP's such as Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL, therefore if a subscriber marks your newsletter as spam they are automatically removed from your list.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The images used within your emails will be hosted on a fast worldwide content delivery network.

Google Analytics

Track how your campaigns relate to sales through Google Analytics.

Forward to a Friend

Let your recipients easily forward your newsletters to friends.




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